To help students focus on this topic I took a host of key concepts and asked students to select from the 30 that were face down.

They were then asked to read them and think what they meant. As we walked to the dining room they could trade their most difficult concept.

Upon arriving at the dining room I pointed to 3 tables and informed them that one was for any Functionalist concepts…marxism…and feminism. They were not allowed to talk and had to place the concepts on each relevant table.

We then visited each table and discussed any concepts that should be moved. 

We did this and then returned to each table. Here we:

  1. Discussed concepts and meaning.
  2. We then reorganized them into a logical flow.
  3. Then we added evaluation points.
  4. Following this we did a visualisation task to recall each table then we threw the cards away.
  5. After this we then challenged each other to recall which concepts were where in the room.

It was good fun.