For AS we are looking at 2 questions on Paper 2.

  1. Outline TWO factors (4 marks)
  2. Evaluate the advantages/disadvantages of using method X. (16 marks)


the 4 marker

Pretty simple stuff – for the 4 marker – 2 pretty straightforward well-identified/relevant factors that explained briefly and clearly.

Q1: Outline 2 ethical issues facing a researcher when choosing a research method (4 marks)

ie) One ethical issue when choosing a research method is regarding ‘lack of informed consent’. This is where a researcher does not have permission to study a group, where the group is not given an opportunity to refuse to be involved. A further ethical issue is….


the 16 marker

  • The rule of thumb here is – RANGE of points.
  • Focus on saying something about THEORETICAL matters, ie) if method is linked to positivism or interpretivism..or vice versa…ho they would challenge a method.
  • Ensure that a range of practical/ethical factors are considered.
  • For all points – express them clearly/explain them.
  • Give examples where possible.
  • Use ‘however’ frequently to flag up your evaluation points….examiners need help at times to spot your greatness!!!

Hope this helps!