Remember – methods questions are pretty straight forward to answer.

Top tips

1.Key terms

  • learn a glossary of key concepts

2.For assessing methods

  • for each method use an evaluation chart – description/theory links/examples + evaluation (pros and cons)
  • for pros and cons (have a range of practical/ethical and theoretical points)

3.Don’t forget the odds ‘n’ sods

  • research process
  • sampling/piloting/objectivity
  • qualitative versus quantitative data (and links to structural and social action theories)
  • primary and secondary data – pros/cons


Methods in Context

  • make sure a range of PET factors considered
  • include both strengths/weaknesses
  • connect all points to the issue and the group studied
  • think about ACCESS/LITERACY/POWER/SCHOOL IMAGE/DISTRUST THE MAN etc (look at PERVERT sheets for guidance)