Book club launched. Blog started.

Everyone gets a classic to study and host a seminar on also…..get in!

Here are a few from our collection.

Watching my class debating over borrowing ‘asylums’ or ‘presentation of the self in everyday life’ was to behold. Asking ‘what’s it about?’…’which perspective?’….’why do you like Goffmam so much sir?’. They were so enthused.

I advised them to read for pleasure, and to skim over really complicated parts as the general sense of the text mattered more than understanding every word. They dug that, and as one keen soul said, ‘If it does your head in..bring it back and get another!’. At which point I smiled and  handed them a somewhat  battered copy of ‘The Social Construction of Reality’ by Berger & Luckmann. 

Taking year 13 to the next level….’Sociology Alive!’!