I like this time of year….’there is a season..turn..turn..turn’…a time for reflection and forward thinking. 

The big push this year for me was literacy and unlocking academic writing for ‘nominal 17-18 year olds’. And we have something special in place which structures, scaffolds and is focused on those assessed AO1 and AO2 skills. I’ll post more about this soon, along with a Web cast on what we did and how.

We also pushed for greater independent learning and encouraging greater use of digital technologies for exploring issues and differentiated pathways.  This will be a continued focus through 2016-17. We need more resilience displayed by our learners…more drive and dare I say it ‘growth mindset’. So I’ll be blogging more about flipped learning and our journey to bring about more teacher creativity and guided mentorship/coaching and encourage greater students-led learning. It’s a risk…but done right it will yield great things – both in terms of students having ownership of their learning and in their personal leadership qualities.

Stay tuned!

All the best…have a great break.