A simple exercise to examine cultural differences in education. Following expo on hyman..sugarman and douglas we did the following.

1. Students were given a set of concept cards and ask to match to working class and middle class children.  We then did some afl and checked our sort.
2. We then matched quotes to concepts to examine understanding.
3. Students then added extra cards (not shown) in response to ‘this affecs learning as..’ where they applied to context.

Overall it worked well and they enjoyed it




Follow on activity

We then later added evaluation post its to the display – where students added challenges to these cultural deprivation ideas.

We then subdivided the factors and in pairs students had to represent middle class and working class. Using the 3 themes of (a) values, (b) parental interest adn (c) pre-school socialisation.
Students had to then explain to their partner how ‘values’ affected the performance of the social class they represented, ie) working class and immediate gratifcation, fatalism, collectivisms etc. Each student has to ask questions for clarificationa and are even invited to challenge what is presented.

This was a powerful extension and consolidation for the activity…and as any literacy advocate will tell you – speaking it and talking about it strengthens understanding of it.