The punk sociologists seizes control of their destiny. They do not surrender to the whims of others and empower external events to drive their existence.They take control and do so with purpose and focus. To take control they need to appreciate that their future is in their hands and that the road here is always under construction…and that the architect of this are the student themselves.

Taking control is all about independence and a readiness to accept that the path that they are following is one that they have chosen. This is all about accepting the fact that they are responsible for their choices and the consequences of those choices.

This sense of individuality and confidence is embraced. It enables them to invest energy and passion into that which they pursue. In the learning enterprise, they accept that they have to take the lead here and ‘make it happen!’. This kinda student doesn’t wait to be spoon-fed and sit back waiting for learning to be done to them. These students are active and engage with material in a meaningful fashion.

To this end, they do not blame others for situations, or dwell on problems in a helpless state. They are resilient and efficacious….and investing in their future…rather than fate!