I have always enjoyed my classroom displays – well, the being creative bit anyway. This week I decided to transform this learning space and put in place an environment that would enable DIRT, flipped learning and a focus on lteracy everday. Having followed loads of great blogs and having fallen down many rabbit holes just like Alice, I wanted to put into practice what I found there.

Here are 3 displays that I put together that I believe will raise our game further:

Display 1: the THINK SOCIOLOGY wall


A collection of images/statements to trigger thinking. Besides being a stimulating space – I intend to give students concepts like socialisation, societal reaction..and ask them to connect them to different images etc. The thinking behind this is to make concepts transferrable and develop their creativity via serendipity.

Display 2 – The Thinking Ladder


Using the Thinking Ladder and aiming to combine solo taxonomy and Bloom. This display is used to highlight the success criteria and assessment objectives. Moving from knowledge to creativity, this is designed to focus students very early on skills domains and how to get there. The display is linked to a #PoundlandPedagogy strategy using square bins that contain different challenges to use in DIRT (Dedicated Improvement Reflection Time). There are also AS/A2 weekley challenges here for students to use as extension. These will range from Readings, QR codes to video links etc

Display #3 – Effective Writing in Sociology


Put simply – these are folders with different guides (matched to Bloom/Solo and grades A and C) and model examples of different literacy skills. For example the SA paragraph (Smart A**) will have tips on what to include here and on the reverse of laminated guides there will be a modelled example (differentiated). I will be using different coloured paper and taxonomy symbols as visual indicators.

Flipped learning challenges will also be common place and QR codes galore. 2014-5…a year where I pass the thinking over to the kids….exciting to see where their imaginations will take us.

Happy holidays all.