This is a slide from  the presentation I gave at the SWAT Conference in Poole – the full slides are embedded in this post.  However, without a commentary, the presentation is not entirely self-explanatory so someone asked me to flesh this bit out.  My talk was about setting up an effective CPD culture.  In one section I ran through some of the barriers that I’ve encountered in various contexts:

Time: too ad hoc, too inflexible, insufficient.

In planning CPD, it’s obviously important to consider the time constraints. When are teachers given the opportunity to attend workshops or courses? When are they going to be able to discuss ideas with each other? When will they be able to report back on their initial actions?   If you don’t have a structured timetable for CPD sessions across the year, ideas won’t take root.  On any given INSET day, teachers are often overly…

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