Foldables are a great way of helping students to consolidate their understanding and revise ideas in Sociology.
Recently I was mooching around Pinterest and other blogs, as you do, and came across a brilliant piece on foldables at the excellent blog of Rachel Jones (@rlj1981) I quite liked how her students used foldables to review Feminist thinking.

They are eyecatching and a more sophisticated alternative to posters/ppt/leaflets for consolidation.

You may find these links useful for templates and ideas for this strategy:

In my lesson we used this to bring together ideas on ‘crime and geographic location’.

How did we do it?

1. strip bare a topic – we distilled the essentials on geographic location and broke these down into key themes that are explored on this, ie) chicago school orgins, village life and low crime rates, council estates and crime, similarities with Functionalism etc (guided with key questions/tips).
2. sheet devised with sections for these key themes.
3. students then use sections for different foldables with essential notes/ideas on (I prefer the caterpillar/springy foldable design).
4. Glue foldables to original sheet/add images etc.
5. Students are to make short videos – opening folds and talking about key points. These will be uploaded to our padlet page.

Ecological foldable by Charlotte
Ecological foldable by Charlotte


Overall – these can be as complex or as simple as you like. Give ’em a go…kids love them….it’s got scissors, glues, coloured paper – what’s not to like!!!!

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special thanks to Chaerlotte for letting us use her foldable