As you know – these cards are evolving. Have added in som emore stuff (and I guess I am going to have to leave these like this for now)…don’t forget to focus on ideology and science (which I having had time to do).

My best advice at this stage is think orthodox and then go radical! Put another way – when reading questions…plan answers that focus firstly on the TRADITIONAL structure for that answer….THEN step back and look at the wording again…LOOK FOR ANY OTHER ANGLES (other topics you can draw upon that add to the analysis)..try and make connections to other stuff, ie) in a question of religion and conflict…don’t forget to link in WORLD REJECTING SECTS or how WORLD AFFIRMING actually support the world and make people more effective and successful in society….or what about CULTURAL DEFENCE and CLASH OF CIVILISATIONS…(you get the idea!!).

scly3 belief revision cards version 6

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