These are taking ages to complete – but students find them useful, so we do what we can!

A couple of topics still unfinished (but will get version 2 uploaded by end of week).

Again – my advice is take time to look at past questions and do some ‘Island Hopping’, ie) try and make connections between different topics as this will bring high marks from examiners who are looking for serendipity and connectiveness in yoir writing..they call it interpretation (of question) and application (of material) to questions….basically ‘think outside the textbook box’..and apply ideas/studies/evidence to set questions ‘beyond the traditional answer structure’ where possible. I call this the SA (smart alec) section of an answer…because it’s where you can shine and go deeper with thinking.

With that said – here it is…enjoy!

SCLY3 Beliefs Revision Cards 2014 VERSION 5