The following cards were put together to meet student demand. It is an area that is new to a lot of teachers and can feel a bit disjointed (and hence worrying for students looking for the standard ‘assess’ structure). My own students, trained into a for/against old-skool Haralambosesque approach cant’t find one and hence need to go through this slowly and tease out the key strands and ‘contributions’ of the globalisation agenda to the study of crime and deviance. Which is what I try to do here.

Personally, I am a bit wary of topics like this one as they smack of QCA or whoever demanding that specifications reflect the latest central government led initiative. In this case, the globalisation dimension of citizenship education…and the awarding bodies racing around to show the curriculum value of their latest spec. Watch this space…it will be STEM next…in the next curriculum review, A level sociology will need to be more explicit with it’s contribution to quantitative methodological enquiry and use of statistics!!

With all that said – I am passionate about citizenship education and welcome any opportunity to explore contemporary society and raising awareness of human rights’ infringements and how the powerful are destroying the planet. It’s just so many emails on this area of the course, tells me that we need to pay close attention to making it as clear as we can – I hope this helps.

SCLY4 Globalisation and Crime Revision Cards 2014