The following chart is a visual that I have developed with students to help them visualise the skills in Sociology and how these relate to grades and literacy skills. It is a simple model that enables students to see how the A01 and A02 skills link to Bloom’s Taxonomy and how these can be converted into actual writing.

This is actually a kind of matrix that is built around two axis – (a) range of points, and (b) level of depth.

literacy skills in sociology matrix
literacy skills in sociology matrix

Students can clearly appreciate the following as a guide for their writing:

(a) producing an essay with few points and little depth is a low D grade performance (lower left quadrant)

(b) they can raise their game by either offering more depth (upper left quadrant) or more range in their writing (lower right quadrant).

(c) as points become relevant to specific questions set this moves the quality of the answer through a C grade.

(d) in the upper right quadrant we find greater relevance and evaluation present which are typical of grade B quality responses.

(e) as both these skills are further demonstrated, along with an analytical stance, we find answers moving through this quadrant towards the far upper right corner of the matrix, and in turn be typical of solid grade A responses.

This model is not claiming to be rocket science. It is useful however for enabling students to think more about these skills and how they relate to gradings. This is invaluable in providing feedback to students and enabling them to focus on targets to improve their performance. This highlights the bigger picture and how different skills relate to each other, which students sometimes miss.