2013-12-23 06.51.27

Last Saturday I was in the audience watching the matinee performance of Twelve Angry Men at the Garrick Theatre,London. The play was one that I had always wanted to see, being one of my favourite films and something that I had always tried to imagine on the stage. The performance was powerful and did justice to the script, but then with Martin Shaw, Robert Vaughan, Jeff Fahey and Nick Moran in the cast, what did you expect!

Ok, so why mention my Christmas saturday outing to London here? Because of Phenomenological theory of course! If you haven’t used the film when teaching about Labelling Theories of crime and deviance -you must. It perfectly highlights the ideas emphasised by Aaron V Cicourel and the nature of social constructionism and prejudice in the criminal justice system. It really illustrates the way that reality is merely a construction based upon priori knowledge and subjective perception.

Did it bring a tear to my eye as the case unravelled? Maybe, but I’ll blame that on the extortionately over-priced wine I was drinking in the interval…the cost making me so emotional you understand. Jeff Fahey by the way was brilliant….very brilliant.